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Canada and everything you need to know about Canada

Canada and everything you need to know about Canada

Canada is one of the coldest countries in the world due to the coldness of some of its uninhabited regions.
Canada has the highest number of educated people in the world, and the number of lakes in Canada is higher than in other countries.

Canada's pasta and cheese consumption is higher than in other countries, and car license plates are polar bears in northwestern Canada.

Canada has the highest number of coastlines in all the countries of the world. It is the third most advanced country in the astronaut industry

In 1967 the Eiffel Tower was temporarily relocated to Canada. The country consumes the largest amount of sweet bread among all the countries of the world.

Iranians of Canada
According to the official statistics provided by the Canadian Statistics Center, there were 5.4% of Iranians living in the country in 2008, of which 1.2% were male and 4.3% were female. The two figures represent more than 2% of Canadian Iranian community growth over the past six years.

Canadian Muslims
More than one million Muslims of diverse ethnic backgrounds, mostly immigrants, live in Canada. The Muslim population of the country, in terms of population density, is Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Windsor and some other cities such as Halifax, Kitchener, Waterloo, Edmonton and Winnipeg. The total number of Islamic centers and mosques in Canada is over 300 mosques and Islamic organizations.

Name of Canada
The name Canada comes from the Kanata Indian word meaning "village" or "shelter". In year 2, residents of the area, now known as Quebec City, used the term to refer to this location as Jacques Cartier, which was destined for the village of Estadacuna. Cartier used the word Canada for both the village and the whole region. Used to be called Donna Kona at the time. In the year 5, the same map was registered with Canada.

military forces
Canada is a key member of NATO (the North Atlantic Alliance) and the Canadian Allied Forces (CF), including the Army Land Forces, the Canadian Navy, and the Air Force. The main CF equipment, including 1 armored combat vehicle, 2 warships, and 4 warplanes.

Education System
The educational system and its structure in the states and territories of Canada are completely different. But in general, the Canadian education system is made up of a pre-school period of 5 to 5 years, elementary education with a duration of 2 to 5 years, and secondary education through to the end of elementary education.

Canada topped the list of the 11th largest economies in the world with asymptotic GDP of about $ 1.5 trillion. Canada is one of the G8 countries and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. The country has rich mineral resources, advanced industries (such as automotive, chemical and petroleum, food, wood and paper industries, mineral and metal industries and fisheries) and abundant agricultural products (including wheat, oilseeds, fruits, vegetables and tobacco). Is.

In terms of industry and technology, it is a developed country whose economic system is heavily dependent on the United States, especially in the trade and commerce sector, in that it has a complex and long-term economic relationship with it - Its dependence on its precious natural resources sector is also high.

Canadian Visa
In recent years, Canada has issued five-year visas to various countries. This visa is known as a Canadian tourist visa.
There are many people applying for this type of visa from Iran who can enter Canada at any time without limitation until the validity of their visa (Multi-Canada Visa is valid until the passport is valid) and within 6 months at any time. To stay in this country. After 6 months, it is enough for them to leave Canada once for at least two hours and return to the country to stay in Canada for another 6 months.

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